Eglisau's historic houses are hidden behind spring blooming.
Image taken 10 May (infrared camera).
A shed lost in the spring blossom in Switzerland's Rhein region.
Image taken 10 May 2024 (infrared camera).
A fresh and lush twig doomed to lose its glory on the tarmac.
Image taken 10 May 2024 (infrared camera).
After a long time, this little one appeared on my doorstep with perfect timing.
Image taken 5 May 2024.
The one tree waiting for spring blooming.
Image taken 27 April 2024.
Where nature's greens meet mass flight travel at Zurich Airport.
Image taken 6 April 2024.
Back to working on projects and business challenges.
Image taken 4 April 2024.
At the start of spring, the sun creates new life day by day.
Image taken 2 April 2024.
Zürich city's beauty at its best.
Image taken 2 April 2024.
Cheery blossoms in Zürich signal the start of spring.
Image taken 17 March 2024.
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