tasmania | january 2020
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An island that contradicts the cliches of Australia. Instead of the beach life and vibrant cities, Tasmania offers more back to basic pure nature and more calming city exploring. No less stunning are the remote places to explore all across the island. The daily high temperatures ranged from 16°C to 30°C
1. Multi-day hiking in Cradle Mountain National Park
2. Visit Hobart Salamanca Market and Battery Point
3. Early morning or late evening on Mount Wellington
4. Maingon Lookout hike to Crescent Bay
5. Hiking in Freycinet National Park
6. Take pictures of the red stones in Binalong Bay
7. Enjoy restaurants and cafes in the centre and Charles St in Launceston
8. Visit Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
new south wales | december 2019
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The biggest wildfires in Australia's history had a devastating effect on its people, wildlife and biodiversity. More than a billion animals are believed to have died in the fires. NSW was at the centre of the fires that covered Sydney for weeks in smoke haze.
victoria | otway | october 2018
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Rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, rock platforms and windswept heathland with tall forests, ferny gullies, magnificent waterfalls and tranquil lakes in the north are all reason for me to explore the Great Ocean Road and Otway National Park.
new south wales | april 2017
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new south wales | january 2015
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Deep contrasts between the life in downtown Sydney and the natural wonders of the NSW state impress during this road trip back in early 2015.
victoria | january 2015
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It's the purity of nature and its force that sticks with me after exploring southern Victoria. While Melbourne offers vibrance and energy all day long, the more calming its surroundings are when emerges fully into the experience.
south australia | january 2015
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new south wales
New South Wales and the vibrant state capital Sydney are famous for award-winning beaches, coastal lines, and many outdoor experiences. Outdoor wellness 365 days a year is what makes me come back again and again.
The culture of Melbourne, the rainforests of Otway National Park, the summer heat and those days where you get the weather from all four seasons within 24 hours, that for me is Victoria. Exploring natural wonders along the coast or just having the best coffee in the CBD.
Tasmania’s natural beauty is captivating, and its ecosystem and cultural experiences are diverse and reason enough to explore the island state of Australia. My bag has everything from shorts to down jackets to accommodate the ever-changing weather conditions.
south australia
South Australia has natural treasures that offer unique and authentic experiences. Kangaroo Island and the south-western coastal line are only two examples. And beyond nature, some of the best wines are born in the sunny weather of the states north.
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