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ticino switzerland
There is the Italian flair, Mediterranean weather and excellent cuisine, but it's also the challenges in untouched nature and rugged mountain peaks that drive me to Ticino. The southerly canton in Switzerland offers puristic exploring experiences.
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eastern switzerland
A ton of diversity in a small space and characterful mountain ranges are my reasons to explore Eastern Switzerland. The region includes the cantons of St. Gallen, Schaffhausen, Thurgau, Glarus and both Appenzells.
valais switzerland
The canton Valais is a paradise for Alpine lovers that provides endless valleys, passes, and the highest peaks to explore. Nature in this southwestern canton is pure, rugged, and unforgiving in bad conditions, but reaching the summit is infinitely fulfilling.
Reconnecting with the sense of time, finding inner balance and well-being made me develop a love for trekking in Trentino/Südtirol. Key elements include excellent hospitality, great cuisine and endless outdoor activities in the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage site.
graubünden switzerland
In Graubünden lies behind each mountain pass the next outdoor challenge that offers unlimited rewarding experiences. That moment when catching the beautiful sight of a new valley with pristine lakes and high altitude peaks keeps drawing me back to this biggest trilingual canton that the Alps fully encloses.
central switzerland
The beauty of exploring Central Switzerland by foot combines a Fjord-like landscape around Lake Lucerne and the world heritage peaks of Bern that provide some of the best views in Switzerland. The region includes the cantons of Bern, Luzern, Schwyz, Uri, Zug and both Walden.
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